Bangla Pride | Pure Taste of Bangladesh and Indian Foods


On foreign land, Bangla Pride will experience the full flavor of the nation’s cuisine. You can order Bangla Pride for flavorings on the online platform. Nowadays most essential food items can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep. Bangla Pride is an easy solution for expatriate Bengalis, where they can order their favorite food.

We are overjoyed to offer you the sense of taste of Indian food in a simple mood at Hinckley. where you will clearly invest your quality energy at whatever point you will go along with us. Here we serve magnificent Indian and Bangladeshi food tuned to the flavor of present-day 100 years.

The second you step into your number one Bangla Pride, you will be captivated by our greatness inside. The fainting smells of every one of our dishes and the unmatched administrations of our staff address the rich culture and legacy of our sub-landmass.

We are impassioned about serving our clients generally so it carries a grin to their faces and gives the highest level of delight that will keep them getting back with a requesting soul. The best and most awesome Indian restaurant in Hinckley, Bangla Pride, has been recognized for. its unique fusion of Bangladeshi and Indian cuisine.

We guarantee that you and your loved ones will always enjoy amazing meals in an inviting environment. Every time you come to see us with family and friends. the symphony of tastes, colors, and behavior will be in your memory forever.

Bangla pride menu :

“Josh,” a master chef, and his brothers would like to welcome you to their most recent venture, Bangla Pride. which they have opened in Hinckley and Oakengates. Here, they will share their knowledge and experience from the heart of the curry industry.

The arrangement of the food is extraordinary and its execution is demanding to the point that unquestionably the best gourmet specialists can dominate this artistic expression. We are confident that we have established a contemporary modern restaurant that has not abandoned its traditional roots and serves contemporary, original, and creative cuisine.

A menu overflowing with an unmatched combination scope of Indian/Bangladeshi food varieties from the mildest, creamiest dishes you can imagine, right to bean stew blast. Matched just be the consideration from our staff who’s point is to give our visitors fulfillment of the greatest level.

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